St Peter's Chapel

Just before we depart from Lucerne and move onto Christmassy things I will show you St Peter’s Chapel which is the last place we visited on our day of departure.

St Peter’s Chapel is a Lucerne landmark and of considerable historical importance. It is Lucerne’s oldest church and was built in 1178 when a priest was appointed to take care of the population. Always subservient to the 8th century Benedictine St Leodegar monastery and the Hof Church, it never became the parish church.

Kapellplatz was named after St Peter’s and, more importantly, so was the city’s best known attraction, the nearby 14th century Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke). The chapel was for several hundred years the citizen’s meeting place and was subject to alterations in 1750.

St Peter's Chapel

The Kapellplatz surrounds tiny St. Peterskapelle, an 18th-century church that was built over a 12th-century predecessor. This chapel also lends its name to the Kapellbrücke, the charming wooden bridge synonymous with Lucerne.

The exterior walls of St. Peter’s are adorned with several interesting works of art. An alabaster carving of the Mount of Olives remains from the previous church building. The fresco of Brother Klaus dates from the late 19th century, and the painting of St. Christopher is from the early 20th century.

Doorway to St Peter's Chapel

St Peter's Chapel

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  1. ....peter:) says:

    This is a beautiful presentation Cherie.
    I really enjoyed the history that you provided.
    and the Chapel has such a wonderful name :-)


  2. This type of chapel has got a distinctive “German” look!

  3. J_on_tour says:

    That is a magnificent door. The variety of towers and spires has grabbed my attention over several posts.