For some reason my computer has decided to play up this evening. One of the programes has decided to hog all the CPU resources meaning that nothing else will work. So I am resigned to working on my laptop with limited resources and it is sooo slow… Hopefully normal service will be resumed ASAP.

I am leaving my computer to run for now but if it doesn’t settle down I will have to kill the process and re-install. But I really could do without the hassle…

On a lighter note I will leave you with a few photographs from Cragside Formal Garden :-)

Cragside Formal Garden

Cragside Formal Garden

Cragside Formal Garden

Cragside Formal Garden

11 Comments CherryPie on Nov 10th 2015

11 Responses to “Computer Problems…”

  1. Amfortas says:

    Comp$*^*&ut###@ers !!

  2. Mark C says:

    Hi Cherie,

    Chrystal wanted me to ask you if you had gotten a virus, and if so which, since her computer started acting up yesterday and now is now doing a system restore on boot up. Did your computer do this as well? Was it a CPU overtax problem on your end or a virus? Once she finishes the restore she will let you know what a scan turns up.


    • CherryPie says:

      I am checking the problem in more detail this evening now that I have more patience with it.

      The problem is a CPU overload but I am not yet sure if the overload is the result of a virus.

      That computer is now isolated from the internet etc and I am leaving it to run for a few hours to see if it resolves the problem.

      • Chrysalis says:

        Hey Cherie – I just wrote you an email about this as well just now, but did you by any chance just install that new upgrade for the Adobe Reader recently too?

        After my system wouldn’t restart this morning and Windows immediately suggested a System Restore, I was fine, with no viruses after scans, except after my audio for work still wouldn’t load properly, I just now discovered all my add-ons were gone – I had to just uninstall/reinstall my work programs and it’s fine.

        It could be unrelated, but yesterday, before the crash this morning, I did get a message from Firefox that some of my add-ons weren’t connected – about an hour after this Adobe Reader install. I ignored it at the time because my programs were working properly. However, these programs were already open, too. Perhaps after close/reopen the problem showed.

        Do you think it’s a possibility that the new upgrade has a glitch and/or perhaps knocks off other add-ons, particularly if using certain browsers?

        Mark isn’t available at the moment, he’ll be checking later

        • CherryPie says:

          I haven’t downloaded Adobe or any other programmes or updates recently apart from Microsoft updates.

          • Chrysalis says:

            Ok, thank you – just trying to rule out that as the cause before I re-installed it, thank you :)

            I think we are having different problems, actually, mine was acting very viral-ish (virulent?) before it crashed. However, the timing was so coincidental, I thought I’d ask for feedback from you/anyone to see if there were any for common denominators, sorry for the intrusion.

  3. Photo 3 is very inviting

  4. Again? Time to get a new computer.
    Just in time before Christmas! ;)

    • CherryPie says:

      The problems are resolved now. I don’t want or need a new computer I like the one I have ;-)

      Computers are wonderful when they work and frustrating when they don’t. When they are not working they eat up time trying to get them fixed.