The Breeches Bible

This rare edition of the Geneva Bible was translated from the Hebrew and Greek by exiles in Geneva. It was imported because, for the first time, the bible had text divided into numbered verses, which was extremely useful for preachers and readers alike.

It was popularly called the Breeches Bible because, wheras the Authorised Version says “sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons”, this edition says “they sewed figge tree leaves together and made themselves breeches” (Genesis, Chapter 3, verse 7).

This copy was presented to Hexham Abbey in 1954 by Col.H. L. Swinburne; it had been in the family’s possession for 150 years.*

*from an information plate next to the Bible

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  1. james higham says:

    Breeches from fig leaves – I’m trying to visualize this and failing.

  2. Ayush says:

    very interesting post, CP. loved the text.