Hexham Market

The church of Hexham Abbey as we see it today was built over the ruins of Wilfrid’s church in the 12th century. It was part of a priory surrounded by a high stone wall. People gathered outside the stone wall to their goods and local produce. Markets have been held in the place ever since.

The gatehouse (in the centre of the photo) was built about 1400 to guard the Bailiff’s Hall. The bailiff governed the whole of Hexhamshire for the Archbishop of York. The gatehouse is know today as the Moothall. There were buildings crowded all around it until 1950.

The Heart of Hexham

2 Comments CherryPie on Nov 27th 2015

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  1. You’ve reminded me that I keep meaning to spend some time in Hexham, and never have. Always dashing past on the A69. It looks fascinating!

    • CherryPie says:

      I visited on the recommendation of a friend we met up with on our visit to Newcastle. We didn’t have enough time so we will be returning for another visit.

      You won’t be dissapointed :-)