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Last night I was home alone due to Mr C being away overnight on business. Shortly after I arrived home the doorbell rang. I considered answering but it was dark and at that time in the evening it was most likely a salesman of some sort  and I rationalised that if it was a neighbour they would call back again a little later on.

The doorbell didn’t ring again but about an hour later the phone did. I thought it would be Mr C as I knew this was the time he was due to arrive at his hotel. We have call screening on our phone so I knew immediately it wasn’t Mr C. I was however rather puzzled to see the screen say ‘Internal’ which made me think that one of the other handsets was paging the handset near to me. As I was home alone I dismissed this idea and thought that it must be a clever nuisance call.

Dinner was cooking in the oven and I went back to my reading. After dinner I went upstairs to turn on my computer and noticed that the handset was not flashing and therefore there had been no missed call. I checked the phone menu to be doubly sure. By this time I was feeling a little unnerved so I checked round the house a couple of times even though I knew there was nobody there…

I have to confess I left the bedroom light on overnight, but all was well and I woke up feeling refreshed. Just as I was about to leave for work a belated birthday card and present were pushed through the letterbox. I popped them into my bag, thinking I would open them in my lunch hour and headed off for work. This is when the fun started…

As I tried to get of my estate the exit road was much busier than usual which meant I had to wait for several minutes before I could be on my way. I then encountered a much longer queue of traffic on a road that is normally traffic free at that time in the morning. As I slowly made my way down the road I realised that in addition to the permanent set of traffic lights there was also a man with a stop go sign controlling the traffic. The effect was a lot more stop than go and large queues of traffic in both directions. Eventually I got past this roadblock only to catch up with a learner driver going at a snail’s pace!!

In due course I reached the approach to my workplace and was pipped to the post by two lorries that would have to go through the booking in procedure causing me further delays… I elected to go the slightly longer route only to be delayed by the learner driver once again. By this time I knew that I was going to be late!! And sure enough when I arrived at the key point and keyed in I was annoyingly (for me) two minutes late. In the bigger scheme of things it doesn’t matter because I work flexible hours, so apart from being technically late the minutes get made up.

I would like to say that the day got better but that would be pushing it a bit…

When lunchtime arrived I made my way to a seating area that is usually empty apart from me. But on this occasion two other colleagues were also having a few quiet moments there. I joined in the conversation with them; the present that had arrived through my letterbox was left unopened in my bag beside me. After a little while they said goodbye and returned to work. Almost as soon as they had gone a gentleman who I see walking past me almost every lunch time arrived. This time he didn’t walk past he came towards the seating area and asked if I minded if he joined me (of course I didn’t). We got chatting and I think that him seeing me there every lunch made him realise that he needed to get away from his desk for a break too. My gift remained unopened in my bag until I got home rather later than usual due to the day being rather hectic.

After opening my gift, a book (see picture above) I sat and read the first few pages whilst my dinner was cooking in the oven. Just as my dinner had come out of the oven Mr C phoned, he was arriving home earlier than planned and could he have a lift home from the station. Things got rather hectic again…

9 Comments CherryPie on Nov 15th 2016

9 Responses to “The Universe is Having a Laugh…”

  1. Some time strange thing happen.
    Coffee is on

  2. wiggia says:

    I sometimes wonder when using the “better to have some time in hand” is just a prompt for someone “up there” to say , not necessarily, and provide road works convoys of tractors detours etc to make sure whatever you had in hand to make the journey in good time ends up meaning ones late.
    I even completely missed a funeral service that way !

    • CherryPie says:

      I was on time this morning but I prefered being a couple of minutes late to what happened today!! I am about to write today’s installment!

      Missing a funeral service sounds like a tale worth telling!

  3. I’d have been very unnerved re: the phone call! Book looks interesting.

  4. JD says:

    I think your heading says it all- the universe is playing tricks on you :)
    Is that a new publication? I have several books by John Michell and also by Robin Heath but I didn’t know they had written one together.

    p.s. your trickster from yesterday and three years ago -