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New Pathways


Exploring a new pathway to my local woods. Hoping to avoid the crowds. It wasn’t entirely successful. On the main wide pathway two people were walking towards me so I stepped aside from the pathway. Social distancing. They carried on spreading out to fill he wide path. A cyclist at speed arrived around a blind corner and chose to cycle at speed between myself and the two people on the path. In doing so his face was just a few inches away from mine.



The new pathway is a winner and I will be exploring it again, to gain access to the woods ;-)

4 Comments CherryPie on May 12th 2020

4 Responses to “New Pathways”

  1. Ayush Basu says:

    a peaceful path with much welcome greenery, CP

  2. It’s nice to explore new places… as long as others don’t spoil it!