The Walker of the Walk

To my disappointment I couldn’t persuade Mr C to set off on a walking adventure.

Tree Lined Pathway

So after lunch I had a solo walk to some childhood haunts near to what was once my family home as I was growing up. I walked past the Wrekin College and the houses at the crossroads where two of my friends lived.



One of those friends had a parent that was a teacher at the college and I have fond memories of walking through the college grounds with her. But of course those walks are out of bounds to me now. I enjoyed the views from outside the boundary walls.

Memorial Gates


Crest of Arms


Light at the End of the Tunnel

Sunshine, Tree and Root

Early Blossoms

Thinking of my childhood friends and one of those houses reminded me of a birthday party. The birthday party got interrupted with black and white footage of the Apollo 13 Command Module landing safely.

Happy days :-)

12 Comments CherryPie on Jun 1st 2020

12 Responses to “A Trip Down Memory Lane”

  1. Sometimes the oldest memories are the best ones – childhood holidays, school days, grandparents etc. Those college gardens look beautiful.. my primary school was all concrete with some trees around the perimeter.

  2. lisl says:

    Good to revsitit old haunts occasionally, and best alone

  3. The Yum List says:

    I love your shadow pic. Looks like you’re having great weather.

  4. Don’t worry from now onwards, you can at least ask your pals to join you.
    Yeah but Covid19 will take a bit longer to go away though.

    • CherryPie says:

      I will continue to respect social distancing as I have done since the virus surfaced in the UK.

      I think a better term would be ‘respectful distancing’.

      Even before the advice about distancing and shielding I was taking care. I know how a virus spreads. When I visit my local supermarket for my weekly shop or go out on a local walk there are far too many people not keeping a respectful distance away from others.

      There are those who do not understand how a virus spreads or; Those that don’t care, those that think it is a low killer, those that have conspiracy theories.

      If people are sensible (I wonder if they can manage it…) there will be no second wave!

      • Oh yesterday the government asked public transport users to wear masks from 15 June onwards. I think it’s compulsory to wear one before you get on board after that date.

        This really puzzles me! If they knew wearing masks can help the virus to spread slowly. Why didn’t they introduce the new law sooner, say in 5 days? Why wait till 15 June?

        • CherryPie says:

          This is consistent with what happened in Italy and also before the initial UK semi lockdown.

          I think people are being given the chance to get themselves organised before some temporary restrictions come into play.

          We can look to the countries that experienced the virus peak before us for an example.

  5. Beautiful. I love the Shropshire countryside.