Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness.


Sunset Over Etna

10 Comments CherryPie on Oct 19th 2020

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  1. lisl says:

    It’s strange that with so any things to strive for in life, this isn’t one of them – but it is true. Some have likened happiness to a butterfly

  2. Sean Jeating says:

    One of my favourite philosophers.
    As I do not wish that it looks as if I tried to lure anyone of your regulars to visit my blog, instead of a link I leave what once I translated:

    Zhuangzi was dying, and his disciples wanted to bury him splendiferously. Spake Zhuangzi: “Heaven and earth are my coffin. Sun and moon are my jade rings, the stars my pearls and gems, and the whole creation escorts me. Thus, I shall have a splendid funeral. What else would you add?” Spake the disciples: “We are afraid, crows and kites might eat the master.” Spake Zhuangzi: “Unburied I serve crows and kites as nutrition, buried worms and ants. To take from the one to give to the other: why being such biased?

  3. shabana says:

    one of the most beautiful quote dear Cheri

    it is truly sad one we forget how to be happy or stop trying to be
    happiness is hidden within simplest and easiest moment and action
    we should just learn from nature how to stay happy i think :) ))

  4. Emptiness is happiness, do you agree? ;)

  5. The Yum List says:

    Now that is something worth pondering deeply.