Wigmore Castle

We packed and loaded the car before breakfast so that there was no need for us to go back to our room; we could just check out and set off to our chosen destination, Wigmore Castle. You may note the continuing War of the Roses theme.

We parked in Wigmore village and walked past the Parish Church along the undulating path to the Castle. It was only on our way back from the castle that we noticed that the church had recently closed because it was no longer possible to afford cleaners to keep people safe.

Wigmore Castle

The walk to the castle was lovely although as we approached it the pathway was muddy in places. The castle is mostly overgrown and being kept that way so that the wildlife habitat of the area is not destroyed.

Whilst we were exploring the castle, Mr C and I walked the paths in different ways. A robin visited Mr C on the path that he chose. When our paths converged I stopped to take a photograph of Mr C at the top of some steps. As I did so, I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye… the robin was sitting on the ground next to my foot. The robin then hopped up onto the steps in front of me, looking for tasty morsels to eat.

A New Friend

Photo taken by Mr C

Mr C and I continued exploring the castle. As we paused to take in the view of the castle keep and the wider view from that perspective, the robin returned. He sat on a low fence next to us and was so close I could have reached out and touched him. He stayed with us long enough for Mr C to try and photograph him. The initial noise of the camera made Mr Robin jump and puff his chest out (making himself look bigger) but he immediately settled down and stayed with us until we walked away. He followed us and settled on the pathway between Mr C and I before disappearing into the undergrowth.

After our brief walk we headed to Tenbury Wells with lunch in mind. We enjoyed our drive through the town but lunch opportunities were not forthcoming; everywhere was shut. We moved on to plan B, Cleobury Mortimer, where we found the delightful and cosy Cleobury Cafe. We both chose a toasted teacake which, when it arrived, was toasted to perfection.

On our way home, we picked up some ingredients for a roast pork chop dinner. Back in our home town we checked up on our family members who had had emergency health issues just prior to our weekend away. They were all doing as well as could be expected, allowing us to enjoy one last (home cooked) meal to complete our weekend adventure.

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6 Responses to “Hay-on-Wye – Day Three”

  1. Lovely to see Wigmore Castle again and how lovely about the robin. I didn’t know the church was now closed – so sad.

  2. Is it in Wales? The sign board and typeface looks like an English Heritage property.
    I prefer EH to NT, cos they have more free sites :)

  3. I visited Wigmore Castle last year. If you’re ever there again, I recommend Fiddlers Elbow Fish & Chips in Leintwardine, just down the road, for lunch!