Scrap the Walled Garden Cat

After lunch I enjoyed a lovely sunny drive to Attingham Park. On arrival at Attingham I realised that I had forgotten to pick up a scarf. It was rather windy so I visited the shop to see if there was something suitable, there was.

My walk took me past the few remaining snowdrops and through the walled garden before walking through the woodland where after a while some of the signposts petered out. I had started my walk in the middle of the afternoon and knew that the walled garden shut at 5pm, but I wasn’t sure what time the park closed. The lack of signposts  left me unsure of the quickest way back to the stable courtyard so I decided to retrace my steps because I knew I could walk 3 miles in just under an hour.

Scrap the Walled Garden Cat

Scrap the Walled Garden Cat

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With seven miles under my belt I was back in the stables courtyard, warmed to the core with my new scarf blowing in what had now become a gentle breeze.

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