A friend suggested that we get together to visit Tewkesbury Medieval Fair which commemorates the Battle of Tewkesbury with re-enactments of the battle that took place there in 1471. Because different activities were taking place on the two days of the festival. Mr C and I decided to turn it into a mini break, meeting our friends when they arrived for their day trip on the Sunday.

After we had booked our accommodation we learned that the funeral of another friend, who had recently passed away after a long illness, was to take place on the day we were due to travel. The funeral, although sad, was an uplifting celebration of the life a lovely man who died too young and will be missed by many.


In the late afternoon, following the wake, we set off for Tewkesbury. We had a good journey without any holdups, arriving at the hotel earlier than expected. After checking in, we were given complimentary water bottles and a glass of Bucks Fizz (more Bucks than Fizz) to carry up to our room before unloading the car.

We had just enough time to chill out and freshen up before dining in Coopers, the hotel restaurant. The menu was brief but the food was delicious. I chose trout served with potato and rainbow carrots whilst Mr C settled for steak. We both had ice cream for dessert with Mr C choosing a rather exotic sounding burnt coconut flavour for one of his options which, when it arrived, turned out to be black, looking rather unappealing to me. I was glad I chose vanilla and salted caramel, both were delicious.

Hotel Entrance

After dining we settled on the terrace to enjoy a post dinner drink soaking up the last of the sunshine from a beautifully sunny day.

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6 Responses to “Tewkesbury – Day One”

  1. So sorry to hear the sad news about your friend.

    Look forward to hearing about the medieval fayre as it is something we would all love to go to and I do like Tewkesbury.

  2. Hels says:

    When a person is feeling anxious, the most effective way of returning to normal is to dream of the perfect setting. Sitting on the terrace to enjoy a post dinner drink soaking up the last of the beautiful sunshine, admiring the view, is the most perfect setting I can think of.

  3. lisl says:

    I will definitely look in to see your Tewkesbury Medieval Festival pictures and information, Cherie