Morning View

For breakfast I chose the continental option. It was every bit as good as I remembered it from last time. Comfortably replete, we walked through Windsor to the Cambridge Gates (The Windsor Great Park entrance to the castle).

Windsor Long Walk

The weather was perfect for the the walk; it was so warm we didn’t need to wear coats. The walk is 2.64 miles long and we enjoyed the views and seeing the deer herd as we got closer to the large statue of King George III that is located at the far end of the walk. We enjoyed the sense of achievement and took in the view from the elevated location before walking the pathway in the opposite direction in time for lunch in Clarence Brasserie & tea room where I chose fishcake with a sweet chilli sauce.

Windsor Castle

After lunch I sat on a bench whilst Mr C went to look for a Moroccan restaurant we had booked for the Monday night. He was gone so long I began to wonder if he had got lost or forgotten about me. Whilst I was waiting two ladies decided to sit next to me on the bench even though there were several empty benches nearby. As they had crowded me out I moved up a bit to give myself more space only for the lady next to me to shuffle up close to me again! I decided to move to a nearby vacant bench which turned out to be in a nicer spot than the one I had vacated. Whilst there I was asked to take a photograph of family group who wanted their picture taken standing in front of Windsor Castle.

River Cruise

When Mr C eventually returned half an hour later we walked across the Windsor bridge to visit an antiquarian bookshop that Mr C had remembered from our previous visit to Eton. Next we retraced our steps across the bridge in search of a naughty cake before taking a leisurely boat trip along the Thames to Boveney Lock after which we returned to the hotel to freshen up before dinner.

We dined in The Ivy Royal Windsor Brasserie. The food was lovely (I chose fish and chips followed by mini chocolate truffles) and we had excellent service and plenty of friendly banter with the gentleman who was waiting on us.

Wetherspoons Reflections

We finished our evening in Wetherspoons for a final drink before it was time to turn in for the night.

6 Comments CherryPie on Oct 17th 2022

6 Responses to “Windsor Revisited – Day Two”

  1. Astrid says:

    That is quite the visit again, Cherry. I can image the impact this visit had on you and that walk alone would be worth the visit this castle and all the memories. It was quite the impressive funeral for the late Queen. What a lady she was.

    • CherryPie says:

      Yes this was a special visit under the circumstances. My virtual memorial walk culminating in this actual walk along The Long Walk was a time to reflect on our late Queen’s life.

      She was an amazing lady and will be missed by many.

  2. The Long Walk, on the day of your visit, is so quiet and different to the Queen’s funeral.
    I can still vividly remember her pony, Emma, waiting for the hearse to pass by on BBC. Do you remember that particular scene?

    In other news, I saw photos of Camilla posing with by Paddington Bear toys, left in tribute to the late Queen. Camilla looked so happy in the photos. But then I was thinking how come they didn’t choose Princess Charlotte to pose with Paddington instead?

    • CherryPie says:

      Yes I remember Emma giving a curtsy as the coffin passed by.

      Camila was with the Paddington’s because in 2016 the Queen passed on the patronage of Barnardo’s to her. Barnardo’s is the charity that the bears are being donated to.

  3. Chrysalis says:

    The walk to the great entrance of Windsor reminds me of the Washington Mall, only longer and without the reflection pool. Hmm, methinks it’s yet another example of how we Americans stole many ideas from the UK (and France, Classical Greeks and Romans, and the Egyptians in the case of the Washington Mall) – without crediting yet again ;)

    Well, Cherie, as far as people crowding you – moths to flame, I think. You’ve got a warm personality and warm countenance and smile :)

    And yet I know what you mean, even without COVID still lingering, people who must congregate in herds and close-talkers are the worst!

    • CherryPie says:

      I have just looked up the Washington Mall. It reminds me very much of trocadero in Paris.

      The Windsor Long Walk is quite different in style. It is a long tree lined avenue.

      “The Long Walk had been laid out by King Charles II and the planting of its trees completed by William of Orange in the 1680s, with double rows of elms which lasted until World War II, but the Georges extended it and built numerous features and monuments, such as the Copper Horse (depicting George III) and the Obelisk”

      This is the route of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral procession as it made its way to St George’s Chapel.

      Near to the Long Walk, in the wider grounds of Windsor Great Park is the Royal Mausoleum, also the current home Of Prince William and also the home of Prince Harry before he decided to move to the United States.

      The ladies on the bench were just rude, there was no need for them to invade my space. There were lots of empty benches!