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John Shakespeare – William’s father – lived and worked in the house known today as Shakespeare’s Birthplace. John married Mary Arden in about 1557 and William was born in 1564, the third of their eight children.
In 1568 John became the Mayor of Stratford, which was the highest elective office in the town. It was because [...]

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Parts of the Guild Chapel may date back to 1269 when the Guild of the Holy Cross was given permission to build a hospital and chapel. The chancel was rebuilt in the 1450s and the nave, porch and west tower were reconstructed in the 1490s This later work was funded by Hugh Clopton (died 1496), [...]

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The American Fountain is a favourite focal point in the town’s marketplace, and its creation brought together an unlikely mixture of people. It was intended as a tribute to Queen Victoria, whose Golden Jubilee was being celebrated, to Shakespeare, and to the relationship between the USA and England. The fountain is heavily decorated with quotations [...]

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The words ‘God Save The King 1769 are embellished on the side of Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall.

The Hall was built in the reign of Charles I and throughout its chequered history has seen calamitous events including being extensively damaged from a gunpowder explosion in 1643.  Just over a century later the Hall was actually pulled down [...]

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After breakfast we checked out of the hotel, taking the opportunity to mention that we had been locked out of the hotel the previous evening. The receptionist seemed unconcerned about our experience and I wasn’t convinced that the problem would be escalated to make sure it didn’t happen to anyone else. I was persistent on [...]

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