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Warrior’s original figurehead has ended up at Fleet HQ, Northwood, London, only to crumble beyond repair sometime in the 1960s. The new ’spirit of Warrior’, carved by two Isle of Wight craftsmen, weighed 2 tons and like the original was almost 4 metres (12 feet) high. In February 1985, it was hoisted aboard and attached [...]

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HMS Warrior was the world’s first ocean going, iron-hulled, armoured warship – the largest, fastest and most powerful of the time. Launched on 29 December 1860, Warrior rendered all other warships obsolete overnight. She never fired a shot in anger, simply because she was too powerful for any other ship to think of challenging her. [...]

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Third rate 74-gun battleship, launched in Portsmouth in 1781. Took part in the battle of Saintes (1782) and Nelson’s victory at Copenhagen (1801). Broken up in 1857.
This is the oldest figurehead in the Museum’s collection –  and one of the oldest warship figureheads in the world.*

*From an signboard next to the figurehead.

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…18 November 1781

The 74-gun battleship Warrior is ready for launching in Portsmouth Dockyard. The completed hull is supported by a few last shores, while alongside, men are preparing the ropes that will secure her to the dock.
The traditional flags are flying from short poles where eventually her masts will be placed. These include the distinctive [...]

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This is HMS Vernon’s version of ‘Monopoly’. It includes missile-shaped pieces and locations like the main gate and Isle of Wight Ferry.

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The Waverley is the last seagoing Paddle Steamer in the World. Built on the Clyde in 1947 to replace the original Waverley that sunk off Dunkirk in 1940. The Waverley was originally built to sail only between Craigendorran & Arrochar in West Scotland.

Paddle Steamer Waverley, built almost 70 years ago, is the world’s last sea-going paddle [...]

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HMS Dragon is a Type 45 air defence destroyer. When I visited Portsmouth Dockyard last September she was being refitted prior to her current deployment in the South Atlantic.

Less than a year after she returned from operations in the Gulf and Eastern Mediterranean the Type 45 destroyer will take over from HMS Iron Duke to [...]

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