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Recently the publisher of this book contacted me to see if I would like to read the book and provided feedback.  On receipt of the book I was immediately impressed by the quality of the photos and the ‘Did You Know?’ and ‘Top Tip’ highlights that feature throughout the book to emphasise information.
The book covers [...]

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The practice of keeping bees in hives dates back at least as far as the ancient Egyptians.  The summer edition of the National Trust magazine has an interesting  article entitled ‘The Beekeeper’ in which Emma Hill the head gardener for Dunham Massey treats the reader to some interesting facts about bees:
A bee society is predominantly [...]

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The polling stations are now closed and the die has been cast on whether the public have chosen to try an Alternative Voting (AV) system.  When I arrived at my local polling station they estimated that around two thirds of the ward had either turned out to vote or cast a postal vote which was [...]

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These pictures were taken in Hodnet Hall Gardens last May and remind me that the gardens are coming into bloom and I will soon be able to get out and enjoy them again.
Although there aren’t many flowers out yet I have seen rather a lot of bumble bees, especially in my garden. There have [...]

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