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… to find where I needed to go for a routine check up (boob squash) later this week.

The booking arrangements had changed since my previous visit (four years ago) and the letter with directions was confusing.
I walked through the hospital grounds to find the testing unit in the same place it has always been so [...]

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I had to fit todays walk around other plans. I stuck to one of my local familiar routes so that I could easily reach my target. It also gave me the chance to take a photo for my Bridleway 2021 project (last photo in the sequence).

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2 Comments CherryPie on Aug 18th 2021

The alternate dark clouds and sunshine led me to contemplate the feasibility of putting washing out to dry before I went out for a walk. I read a book as I contemplated my decision and was disturbed by an occasional tapping on the window (behind where I was sitting). I eventually turned around to see [...]

6 Comments CherryPie on Aug 10th 2021

Today was a scorcher with the temperature reaching 84F as I arrived home after an afternoon four miler.
I walked to Leegomery Pool where I sat and lingered for a while watching the fish just under the surface of the pool. Occasionally as the fish swam a fin emerged above the water level reminding me of [...]

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I got a bit carried away taking photos on my recent holiday (nearly 1000). It is taking me a while to work my way through them…
So for now here a few photos from this afternoons walk.

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