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The Canons [Prebendaries] met here daily to discuss Cathedral business, but now meet only on informal occasions. The room is used for exhibitions and concerts etc.
Brass plates over each stall show the place of each man’s ‘prebend’ ie. the farm or estate from which his income was formerly derived.
Windows formerly of stained glass described in [...]

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The early 13th century, ten-sided Chapter House has hosted Parliament three times, and the College of Canons still meets here. Built as a meeting room to transact the business of the canons, the Dean’s throne is thought to date from the 1330s. The stained glass windows of the late nineteenth century give snapshots of the [...]

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The Chapter House roof was constructed in approximately 1285.  This model of the roof shows the elaborate construction that is involved:

Above your head is the central boss with the lamb and flag.  It is fixed at the bottom of the king post which rises to the apex of the roof.  Now look for this boss [...]

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The architecture of  chapter house at Buildwas Abbey is Gothic in style and quite beautiful.  It was from here that I was treated to that lovely musical surprise.
It is here where the monks would assemble every morning with the abbot presiding over the meeting:

This began with the reading of a lesson and a chapter from [...]

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