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St Martin’s is now a haven of calm in the heart of York, but in 1942 it was reduced to a smouldering ruin during a bombing raid on the city. The church stood desolate until restoration work began in 1961.

The clock, first fitted in 1668, and the gilded head of Father Time are replacements [...]

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One of the Vindolanda museum articles was a small fragment of a clock/calendar device. I found it fascinating.

This bronze fragment was found during excavations between the east granary and the principia (headquarters building) in 2008.
On it can see written SEPTEMBER, K(alendae), N(onae), ID(us), and AE (quinoctium). These letters clearly indicate that it was part of [...]

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This clock was made in or before 1386 and was originally located in a separate Bell Tower  (demolished 1792) just to the north of the Cathedral. It is probably the oldest working clock in existence – and like all clocks of that date had no face but struck the hour on the bell (now located [...]

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The guidebook provides the following information:

the old stable block, which is listed in Edward Ferrers’s  ‘Account of what I have built and altered in and about Baddesley house’ as costing £76 17s 7d in 1714. Some of the arched entrances were bricked up to allow the interior to be fitted out with Victorian loose-boxes.

The [...]

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The room is light and airy, a place I would enjoy dining with my friends. This picture shows it set up for a civil wedding rather than for dining.

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