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Mindful Colouring

No Comments CherryPie on Oct 12th 2017

We set off for Wells just after 10am, considering it was bank holiday Friday we had a good journey with the SatNav recalculating better routes if it detected a delay. We arrived at the Book Barn just outside Bristol in time for lunch as we had planned. Mum didn’t know our destination and as we [...]

4 Comments CherryPie on Apr 24th 2017

My first attempt at colouring with waxy pencils, in this case Staedtler colouring pencils. I enjoyed the way I could layer up the colours

8 Comments CherryPie on Feb 8th 2017

There has been a bit of a technical hitch with my blog hosts causing my site along with many others to be offline for several hours. The tech guys have been working flat out to get it resolved and here I am with a little bit of colouring that that I did last year. I [...]

8 Comments CherryPie on Jan 17th 2017

A colouring book and pencils in the room was just too hard to resist

6 Comments CherryPie on Sep 17th 2016

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Mindful Colouring

For Christmas my mum asked for some adult colouring books which are currently popular in the UK. Whilst I was choosing which books to buy for her I was inspired to have a go at colouring too. I ordered a book and some felt pens. The pens arrived quickly but the book was not due [...]

20 Comments CherryPie on Feb 17th 2016