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I took a window of sunshine during a showery day to walk into my local town. I was curious to see the new trees and shrubs that were being introduced to the town square. I arrived to find that it was a work in progress and was impressed with what I saw. Unfortunately there were [...]

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… followed by fine dining

The afternoon sunshine was glorious but sadly it wasn’t quite warm enough to dine al fresco.

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The Arley Arboretum is tucked away in the beautiful countryside of the Worcestershire and Shropshire borders near Bewdley, it boasts more than 300 species of trees in formal and informal plantings and gardens. The collection includes many rare and spectacular domestic and exotic trees. Nestling in the Severn Valley and overlooking the river, it has been [...]

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Often when reviewing photographs that I have taken I see many photographs within the original photo.  When I reviewed this photo I couldn’t see any way to better my original capture.  I liked it as it was!  So I didn’t work on any alternative views…
It seems from my comments thread that I may have been [...]

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