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… And now my computer is permanently set up for the first time since mid December. Now I can get organised again!

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I am currently writing my review of 2018, it is almost finished, just needing some tweaks and a re-read (and creation of photo montages) before posting.
I have an an update to my recent post ‘Temporary Curtains‘…
The carpet has arrived and is due to be fitted on Wednesday. This means I need to move my computer [...]

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The fitter had hoped to complete our project on day six, despite the setback at the beginning of the job. Everything was going well until he came to fix the radiator to the wall; one of the pipes was leaking. This meant he would have to drain the heating system in order to fix it. [...]

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Day five saw the start of the hall tiling which you may recall was the main reason for our project. Good progress was made but the dwindling light made it impossible to see to make the finer cuts on the tiles around the edge of the hallway.
When I arrived home after a day in the [...]

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The tiling in the ’smallest room in the house’ progressed to near completion. The electricians arrived to fit the new ceiling light and fan, and apparently they were their usual surly selves so I am glad I was at work. At least they fitted what was asked for this time without grumbling.

When I returned home [...]

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On the previous day the fitter had ordered  the tiles and fittings to be delivered first thing in the morning. This did not happen according to plan, they were delivered an hour later than scheduled putting the fitter back in his plan for the day. Whilst he was waiting we worked out how high on [...]

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