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…we find ourselves back at Martin’s Klooster.

10 Comments CherryPie on Jul 11th 2015

Let us walk through the archway at the end of the street I showed in my previous post and see  what we see…

6 Comments CherryPie on Jul 10th 2015

… I have edited all my Leuven photos and got them in some sort of order.

So now am able to share more detail  about the places I mentioned my in Leuven diary with you.
Do you have a special request from the places that I visited in Leuven?

8 Comments CherryPie on Jul 9th 2015

Once again we were offered Champagne for breakfast although on this occasion there were no strawberries so I opted for mixed fresh fruit instead. We had packed our cases before breakfast but before returning to our room to collect them we asked the hotel receptionist if he would book a taxi to take us to [...]

12 Comments CherryPie on Jul 4th 2015

…From my perspective

Today was the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and Mr C planned to spend the day on the battlefield. I was disturbed out of my sleep when he woke up earlier than usual and started to get things ready for his day out. After breakfast Mr C caught the train to [...]

10 Comments CherryPie on Jun 29th 2015

We were both a bit slow to emerge from sleep due to the previous day being so long. When we arrived at the breakfast room we found it was stocked with all the basic needs for a no-frills breakfast. After enjoying breakfast, we decided to step into the hotel’s garden quadrangle and found that we [...]

8 Comments CherryPie on Jun 25th 2015

The taxi arrived on time to take us to Stafford station for the first part of our train journey. I felt a bit sorry for the taxi driver because Mr C hadn’t factored in enough time to cater comfortably for slow moving traffic but we made it in time. When we arrived in London the [...]

8 Comments CherryPie on Jun 24th 2015

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