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Keep your face always towards the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.
Walt Whitman

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When the universe is silent we listen with great pleasure to a bird that suddenly sings.
Hong Zicheng

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Who sees all beings in his own self, and his self in all beings, loses all fear.
Isa Upanishad

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Friendship is a single tree under which many can enjoy the shade.
From a Thousand Paths to friendship by David Baird

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People who know me well will appreciate this photo
I always have my camera in my hand/s when I am out and about.
More ‘In My Hands’ can be found in the gallery.

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All the planes of existence are involved in it.  It is not only that the soul is full of music; once you have heard the inner music, your mind is full of it, all your layers of being are full of it.  Once known, not only do you hear it inside of you, it is outside too.  In the song of [...]

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I spent New Years Eve in a local Cantonese restaurant and then watched ‘Jools Annual Hootenany‘ with a glass of bubbly to see in the New Year. I couldn’t resist trying to take a few photos of the show. I have spent a lazy day reading and playing board games and now I [...]

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