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Although there was probably an earlier Celtic church on the site Aldhelm is celebrated as the founder of the Christian Church in Sherborne in 705 AD. Founded as a cathedral it became an Abbey in 1075 before finally becoming the parish church of Sherborne with the dissolution of the monasteries.  For many it is still [...]

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After two days of travelling, we decided to give the car a rest. In the morning we walked around Sherborne looking at its interesting architecture along the way. We visited the Abbey, which is a fabulous building. As we entered we were warmly welcomed by one of the Abbey greeters, she was very knowledgeable and [...]

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After breakfast we walked to the information centre to pick up leaflets about places that we might visit. We then hopped into the car and set off towards the coast thinking that we might stop in Bridport but the main street there, because of its location, put us off stopping. It was here we noticed [...]

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Things had recently been hectic so we were not as organised as usual and set off later than we had planned. We made good time thanks to my TomTom SatNav rather than the inbuilt SatNav in Mr C’s car. We are rarely confident that the inbuilt one chooses the best routes because it tends to [...]

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I have at last finished editing my holiday photos. I shall now start writing about my holiday adventures so watch this space…

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