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Saint-Omer – September 2008

Saint-Omer is a commune in France.
It is a commune and sub-prefecture of the Pas-de-Calais department 68 km (42 mi) west-northwest of Lille on the railway to Calais. The town is named after Saint Audomar, who brought Christianity to the area.
The canalised portion of the river Aa begins at Saint-Omer, reaching the North Sea at Gravelines in northern France. Below its walls, the Aa connects [...]

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This is an exhibit from La Coupole, which is a fascinating and humbling place to visit.  It is very interesting from a historical point of view and at the same time quite shocking that such a place existed.  The time when I visited there was a temporary exhibition entitled “Deportation and genocide, a European tragedy”.  [...]

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