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There is more to Beaulieu than the acclaimed motor museum.  The footprint of the Cistercian Abbey church can still be seen next to the cloister and chapter house. One can only wonder what the building would have been like. One of only four monastic buildings to survive in tact is the Refectory which became  Beaulieu [...]

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The gnomon or pointer of the sundial is formed by the tips of two dolphins’ tails, which almost meet. The tails cast a shadow onto the dial plate, which is engraved with thick curved lines representing the hours. Thinner lines indicate 10-minute intervals between each hour.
The dial plate has curved lines rather than straight ones, [...]

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Hours fly,
Flowers die,
New days,
New ways,
Pass by.
Love stays.
Henry Van Dyke (from the poem Katrina’s Sun-Dial)

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Two square sundials outside Packwood House. One shows the morning times and the other shows the afternoon times.

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