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The Lion Tower was built by the fourth earl of Northumberland in about 1480 and was the main porch to the new bailey residence.

Its spectacular display of heraldic sculpture celebrated his dynastic prowess.  Symbolic of the Percy family is the great lion over the door.  Above this helm with a ‘cap of estate’ and crest, [...]

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The Lion Bridge at Alnwick spans the river Aln and was built in 1770 to replace an earlier bridge which had been destroyed by flooding. It gets it’s name from the sculpture of the Percy Lion which is situated on the bridge.  The Percy Lion was made in 1773 by John Knowles and is distinctive [...]

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You are on a horse riding away.
On the left side is a long drop.
On the right is an Elephant going at the same speed.
In front is a Kangaroo which you can’t pass.
Behind is a Lion.
How do you get out of this dangerous situation?

Highlight for the answer: Get off the kids roundabout and start acting your [...]

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