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On Thursday 14th February Philip Dunne, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology visited my workplace, the Defence Support Group (DSG), to hand out campaign medals to workers who have served in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, in recognition of the pivotal support they provided to the front line troops.
Ironically Philip Dunne is the Minister that is [...]

2 Comments CherryPie on Feb 16th 2013

It is disappointing that government failed to engage in reasonable talks and discuss their proposed imposed changes to public sector pensions. The changes that were announced in advance of the study they had commissioned to evaluate those pensions.
The lack of proper negotiation led to the action that was taken by public sector workers today.
I [...]

18 Comments CherryPie on Nov 30th 2011

Myth # 6. The Private Sector props up the Public Sector
REALITY. The UK economy depends on a thriving public sector as well as private sector
What are the Facts?
It is not a one-way street, but a complex relationship. Public sector workers and employers pay for the vast majority of pensions in payment through contributions. But without [...]

4 Comments CherryPie on Mar 17th 2010

MYTH #5. It is unfair that public sector workers benefit from “gold plated” pensions
REALITY. The private sector is the real culprit for unfairness
What are the Facts?
The real inequality exists in the private sector, where highly paid executives receive the real gold-plated pensions. The TUC’s 2008 Pensions Watch study of 346 directors from 102 of [...]

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MYTH # 4. Most public sector workers retire at 60 on two thirds of their final salary
REALITY: The majority of workers joining public sector pension schemes will retire and claim their pension at the age of 65.
What are the Facts?
Many reports about pensions would lead you to believe that most public sector workers retire at [...]

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