On the journey to the hospital I was presented with this wonderful view. Nature’s beauty always makes a point at just the right moment.  Time for reflection…

Fading Light

20 Comments CherryPie on Apr 20th 2010

20 Responses to “The Journey”

  1. jameshigham says:

    One might almost harbour spiritual feelings.

    • CherryPie says:

      You would if you saw it for real. That sky and the hills (which can’t be seen in this photograph) have had quite an unusual quality in the past couple of months when I have had to travel that road so often.

      Interesting enough for more than one person to comment on them as we take that route.

  2. Claudia says:

    Often, in a difficult moment, nature can calm a worried heart. All the best, Cherry Pie for you, and yours. xx

  3. It is a beautiful view Cherie. As Claudia says nature can help soothe away our troubles… for a while anyway

  4. Ginnie says:

    Nature does this at opportune moments, Cherie. I love it.

  5. CalumCarr says:

    A magical almost mystical scene.

    May all be well.

  6. Broody…

    “Your comment was a bit too short go back and try again”!

    • CherryPie says:

      Liz had that comment too! This new version of Wordpress gives funny little messages like that.

      All I can say is that it is much better than the dreaded 404 error message without an explaining comment, which happened in the previous version of Wordpress.

  7. JD says:

    next time you pass that spot, instead of taking a picture just switch off the car engine and the radio and make a space in your day..

    “sometimes ah sits n thinks
    an sometimes ah jest sits”

    second half of that process works like a charm


  8. Bernard says:

    I remember a poem, or I should say part of a poem called “Sometimes”.
    “The Sun will sometimes melt a field of sorrow, that seemed hard frozen”.
    There was more, – I can only remember the bit I liked most; must be old age.