The soul is indestructible and its activity will continue through eternity. It is like the sun, which, to our eyes, seems to set at night; but it has in reality only gone to diffuse its light elsewhere.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Floral Tribute

25 Comments CherryPie on May 7th 2010

25 Responses to “On the Other Side”

  1. jameshigham says:

    The soul does live on.

  2. Claudia says:

    The most truthful saying you ever posted, Cherie. Thank you for the beautiful presentation.

  3. JD says:

    I think old Goethe might be right: my soul has had a battering over the years but seems to have survived intact.
    My guardian Angel on the other hand…….. carried off with a broken wing and bent halo; I do hope he (she?) is all right.

  4. MTG says:

    Literature would be denied Faust without the religious concept and Goethe’s strong belief in a soul.

  5. Andi says:

    And when life’s sweet fable ends,
    Sould and body part like friends;
    No quarrels, murmurs, no delay;
    A kiss, a sigh, and so away.

  6. Minnie says:

    Beautiful, Cherie, and surely some comfort to you on the loss of your dear father. That church is simply lovely – Wellington? By the same architect as the marvellous St Chad’s in Shrewsbury, or inspired by his work anyway. Bon weekend xx

  7. What a beautiful combination of words and image. Cherie.Beautiful

  8. CherryPie says:

    Thanks everyone xx

  9. Chrissy says:

    I thought of you yesterday, it is also a very poignant time of year for me. Yes, I fully believe the soul lives on and in fact, I do think at times it is like they are looking after you from afar…….

  10. CherryPie says:

    Thanks Chrissy, I didn’t realise it was a sad time for you too xx

  11. xxxl says:

    Modern depth psychology believes that there are resources of wisdom hidden deep in the human psyche.

    In one of Plato’s dialogues, Socrates indicates that teaching is not a matter of something being placed in one person by another, but of eliciting something already present. He was not interested in drawing out the petty things like names, dates, or quotations, that we retieve under hypnosis, but “traces of knowledge garnered by the soul in its timeless Journey”.

    There are notions of reincarnation in Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Buddhist, Tao, Confucian, Zoroastrian, Mithraic, Manicheist, Animist, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Masonic, and Theosophistical beliefs.

    No other notion has ever received so widespread a cultural endorsement.

    We live in a sensory invironment totally different to that of pre-literate man. The change occured when we learned to read. In shifting from speech to writing man gave up an ear for an eye, and transferred his interest from spiritual to spatial, from reverential to referencial.

    All inner states are now described as outer perceptions…. we say “thereafter” instead of using the logical “thenafter”….we use “always” (meaning all ways) when what we really mean is “all times” …..we refer to something as being “before”, (which is something in front of), when we mean “earlier than”.

    Our panoply of senses have become subordinated to one of them…sight. Today, it alone, is trusted, and all truth is expected to conform to observed experience…..”I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t have seen it” rules. It has escaped everyones notice that it could also mean “I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t believed it”.

    And so we miss so much.

    You may wonder where I am going with this, well, I suppose I am saying that we miss so much that we should not miss. A pygmy living in dense forests, where vision is restricted to perhaps 15 yards in the main, places for more reliance on hearing than sight..his perception is differnet to ours. Blind people hear far more then normally sighted people.

    Russian research in the 1960s and 1970s, involving humans at the point of death, whatever the physical size, recorded that the body lost 2.67grams weight. And an observable electrical field around the body slowly dissipated over a period of three days.

    All ancient religions seem to display knowledge of this to varying degrees. Whether that loss is “sentience”, or “intelligence”, or anything else, I cannot say, so I suppose that is where “belief” and “hope”, comes in….But there is absolutely something.

    Nature is extremely subtle

    I do hope the above gives you comfort.

    Take care, Cherry. :-)

    • CherryPie says:

      Surprisingly your thoughts are very comforting :-) I always work from the premise what am I seeing? and what does that mean? I am the born sceptic and always exploring the opposite point of view to the mainstream thought.

      I would love to discuss some of your comments further, but can we do it in a less personal comment thread?

  12. xxxl says:

    Where do you suggest, Cherry?

    • CherryPie says:

      Any of my posts in the next few days, or I could set up a special post for the discussion, or we could discuss by email. The latter doesn’t allow for others to join in with the discussion though…

      • Andi says:

        You could always set up your own discussion board. PHPBB is free, works with the same MySQL databases that WordPress does, and is pretty robust and secureable. Happy to help out if needed.

  13. jmb says:

    Gone to diffuse its light elsewhere! Yes, a comforting thought. I hope it brings you and your family comfort Cherie.


  14. Nunyaa says:

    These words brought tears and made me think. I don’t always agree with James but this time yes, the soul does live on. Thank you Cherie, this post has relieved a little of the sadness I have felt over the past few years. My thoughts are with you :)

  15. CherryPie says:

    Thank you both xx I am glad it gave you some cheer Nunyaa :-)

  16. Lovely
    (well, that’s a first, In trying to post my comment, the computer blog thingy said my comment was too short)….does it not understand that sometimes words cannot come close to expressing emotion….?

  17. xxxl says:

    I’ll go with whatever…

    But I warn you, it is complex.

    Part of it was spoken about recently in my 2 comments on Nikola Tesla subject, although that is but a very small part of the whole.

    There is a cohesion, coincidences, structures from DNA, atomic, to amino acids, to salts of metals, to planetary, that say nothing is random. There are elements that defy and make nonsense of our basic laws of physics. And there are facts and artifacts that say that history (as with other subjects), as taught is bogus.

    I will have difficulty with presentation in this medium, and could bore your readers. In the yin and yang of things my approach may be unlike your readers anticipation

    • CherryPie says:

      I think the best way is for me to post your original comment as a guest post on my blog (which I will do in the next few days).

      I don’t mind complex, I love to explore ideas. My approach is always to view things with an open mind, and it leads to quite a few surprises!

      My serious posts always bore my readers, but the stat counter indicates they are more than interesting for the wider world ;-)

      • xxxl says:

        I hate to do this, after agreeing to discuss further, but I must say this…

        You have maybe caught snatches of my thinking in previous posts in other forums, so you are well aware of some of my thinking, and background.

        I have thought a lot about what I agreed to do, and I must say, I am not happy….I don’t feel ready yet for publication. Not that I think there are faults in my thinking, there aren’t…I don’t think folks are ready yet. The facts, quietly held back by authorities, political and intellectual, would destroy major paradigms holding society together.

        Cherry, my words were meant for you, and they helped….that is good….let us leave it there for the time being. Suffice to say that when as a child I was very ill, I spent hours on the ceiling of my bedroom, looking down on my body on the bed.
        This spurred research in later life.

        You may have noticed that there is a financial crisis brewing at the moment, not heped by our moronic politicians. We are witnessing the controlled and deliberate demolition of the currencies and economic life of almost the whole of western nations. The EU have thrown $1T at the problem. It is nowhere near enough. In the Days when Soros beat the BofE, he had to have more money than the BofE, to win. Nowadays money is not needed….banks can and do create hundreds of Trillions of $, by writing derivatives, attacking the debt of nations. Currently the outstanding derivatives in the world stand at $600T, give or take….roughly 12 times global GDP. And since they are unregulated, quantifying and naming the counter party is impossible. It only needs a spark….!

        That is the current mistress of my time. I hope you understand.

        Take care, Cherry, best wishes.

      • xxxl says:

        To confirm the gravity of the situation, I give you a quote from a US place. It relates to currency swaps initiated by the Fed, with European banks, as part of the PIIGS fiasco.

        “First everyone griped about the green shoot propaganda (lies), fraudulent behavior and outright illegal activity. Now, with the criminal enterprise unmasked and the power-elite operating in broad daylight without any hint of embarrassment, everyone seems to … still be unhappy.

        Well, I for one am glad the tide has been breached. To be honest, the waiting game was beginning to try my patience. Nobody enjoys uncertainty; it’s usually best just to get on with things.

        So now we know – not that it was any surprise. Perhaps this date will be remembered along with 9/1/39 or 12/7/42. The gauntlet has been thrown down and there’s no going back”.

        Firstly, in English, the dates are 1/9/39, and 7/12/42, and googling them is significant.
        As I said, a deliberate and controlled demolition.
        James is correct, in priciple, with his conspiracy theories….. I just don’t think he, or 99.999% of the public realise just what is coming.

  18. CherryPie says:

    No worries :-) I wouldn’t want you writing about it if it makes you uncomfortable.

    & Thank you for your thoughts :-)

  19. jameshigham says:

    James has no conspiracy theories – only results of research.