Week 2 CroppedI could tell I had lost weight over the week by just looking in the mirror. I was however quite surprised when the scales told me I had lost 5lb!

What I did differently this week was; write down and point up everything I ate, ate a variety of different foods, ate more fruit, had less snacks between meals, drank more liquids.

To treat myself, this evening I cooked sausages (proper ones from the butchers), mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, mixed veg and gravy.

I now need to work on getting a bit more active, perhaps I will go and dust off the Wii :-)

14 Comments CherryPie on Aug 5th 2010

14 Responses to “Weight Loss – Week One”

  1. Andrew Scott says:

    It’s pretty much impossible to lose 5lb of fat tissue in one week, unless you eat virtually nothing, since 1lb of fat will metabolise away to supply about 3500 calories, and you only need about 2000-2500 per day to sustain you (unless you are extremely active); but at the start of any weight reduction plan there can be a very significant loss in the ambient gastrointestinal tract content level (as you are putting less stuff in), leading to an initial high weight loss that is only about 20% fat loss and that often builds unrealistic expectations that the supposed initial rate may continue, engendering all too often disappointment and then surrender. Your plans suggest a maximum of 1 to 2lb loss per week might be sustained; but that, of course, should be perfectly sufficient. The above is not said for discouragement, it is said to bolster you against the disappointment and keep you steadily drifting on down (as am I, at about 0.2 pound per week, but long term – I just need to try harder, and avoid the Oban Chocolate Company).

    • CherryPie says:

      Thanks :-)

      I actually think that weight loss might have been over the last two weeks they were a different set of scales last week. I thought I had lost weight but the scales said otherwise!

      I am hoping to lose on average 1lb per week, but I won’t be disappointed if I lose less as long as the general trend is downwards. I certainly won’t be starving myself I enjoy my food too much, I just need to get into better eating habits.

      Now I mustn’t think of those Belgian waffles that will be tempting me later in the year…

  2. Andrew Scott says:

    Ah… different sets of scales, even properly set and zeroed and used as instructed, of the types routinely sold in shops, can easily give a half a stone difference. Sounds shocking but I know it’s true by trying a few in the same shop at the same time (to settle an argument, and I won). Even positioning slightly forward or slightly back on the same scales can shift a few pounds in moments. Same scales, same time of day, same clothes (or no clothes), same foot positioning, and despite some seemingly perplexing fluctuations the long term trend will become clear. Why do I know all this? I have, very, very slowly lost more than 20 lbs over the past two years (and not just by being judicious in my choice of scales). Another two years and I’ll be in the middle of where I should be again (or dead).

    • CherryPie says:

      Scales are quirky things, I am sure someone messes with them when we aren’t looking! You have done well with your weight loss, I need to lose another 20lb to be back in the middle of where I should be.

      I lost weight once before and kept the weight of for years, then suddenly things got out of hand!

  3. MTG says:

    Ideally, I ought to lose 10lbs so I have revamped my dietary habits/exercise regime to synchronize with your endeavours, CP. Most days are spent renovating one side to an old house (see worst pics of Hardwick Old Hall for progress) so I often weaken for a pint and lazy pub lunch – instead of a run through the woods and a cold Waldorf salad!

    I do not care for waffles and cream cakes but for some reason, sweets readily tempt most women.

    • CherryPie says:

      Good luck with losing the pounds and also the renovation. I can see how a pub lunch would be rather tempting after heavy work.

      I do have a sweet tooth but it may come as a surprise that I am not fond of cream at all. After I lost my weight last time I lost my appetite for anything that tasted fatty and that includes cream. As for chocolate that has to be the dark variety that isn’t sweet at all and because it is so tasty I only feel the need to eat a small amount.

  4. Andrew Scott says:

    “see worst pics of Hardwick Old Hall for progress”…

    You mean that’s what it looks like AFTER your progress, MTG?

  5. liz says:

    Oh well done! That’s a great start and an incentive to carry on. I began writing down everything I ate last week but this week, with visitors, I lost the plot a bit! But they’ve gone now so no more excuses!

    Our slimming class teacher has scales that cost £1500!

  6. Keep on going … you’re doing fine. Have a nice weekend

  7. Ruth says:

    Well done.
    I have not managed to do anything like as well.
    I did manage 4 trips to the gym last week and I had lost 2lbs by Friday, but a weekend away combined with a 50th birthday party on Saturday night meant one of them has sneaked back on.
    I will try to be good this week.