Just Me :-)I thought it would be a nice change to pop up to the local town centre during lunchtime today so that I could get something interesting for my lunch and also dinner this evening.  I specifically remembered not to take the route where the roadworks were so that I didn’t get delayed.  I was able to park easily and make my way to M&S where I chose my lunch quite quickly.  It took me a little longer to choose and evening meal but that is because I was trying to combine healthy with interesting and the meals were in two separate places.  Eventually I plumped, made my way to the till and paid.

I was doing quite well for time until I got to the ticket machine.  I was struggling with my bags and purse and the ticket didn’t go in the machine properly the first time.  I tried again and the machine gobbled the ticket just as I looked up and noticed on the visual display ‘machine out of order please use another machine‘.  The ticket was stuck and the intercom line engaged!  Eventually I got to talk to someone  who told me that the machine was jammed and that someone was already on the way to sort it out.  I waited and told several other shoppers who came to use the machine what was going on.  I was also able to direct them to the nearest ticket machine, which is actually right back by the shops.  I waited a little more and told more shoppers what was going on…

Suddenly the intercom buzzed at me, I was told that the person who was coming to assist had got delayed and that I should get into my car and make my way to the exit, then ring the intercom from there!  Which I did and was let out of the car park.

Phew I had escaped eventually.  Perhaps the moral of the story is I should have stayed at work and read my book as usual?

8 Comments CherryPie on Aug 27th 2010

8 Responses to “Lunchtime Hassles”

  1. Sean Jeating says:

    No nitpicking (although by some following commenters it might get considered as such): You bought your evening meal at lunch time?
    Isn’t that sad? Not to have the time to prepare an evening meal yourself?

    Just to make sure:: Having worked 14 til 18 hours and sometimes longer a day six and sometimes seven days a week I know how nice it is to have such opportunity. Still, it’s not the ideal, hm?

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed your evening meal. Have a relaxing and joyous weekend.

    • CherryPie says:

      It is sad especially on a Friday that assembling, cutting stirring of ingredients from scratch is not possible.

      Five o’clock (in the evening) I might get to know (or not) of the expected arrival time which could be 5.15 – 6.15 -7.15 or even 8.15. , then the reliability of the trains has to be factored in! So very difficult to plan in advance…

      And yes my choice of evening meal (under the circumstances) was enjoyed (phew) :-)

      And it still left time for visiting my Mum for a chat and a glass of wine, which has been an enjoyable tradition for many a long year. Not forgetting my Dad of course, who was part of that tradition until recently.

      I hope you also and I have a relaxing weekend :-)

  2. JD says:

    Mr Higham wasn’t lurking behind the ticket machine, was he?


    • CherryPie says:

      That reminds me of my own series of strange incidents (earlier this year) mostly regarding electrical stuff…

      No James wasn’t lurking and it wasn’t connected to my previous incidents either!

      It was just an irritating moment in time ;-)

      Now you have given me the urge to comment on James’ post which I hadn’t seen yet!

  3. Denise says:

    Phew! I felt stressed out for you just by reading this! Midday stress and not even work related! I need to get my online shopping back on track! I hate shopping!

    Have a good Bank Holiday – any plans?


    • CherryPie says:

      I have just been out to Wenlock Priory and dodged the raindrops. On Monday it is my Nephew’s 18th birthday party :-)

      Hope you have a great holiday weekend xx