Wedding Cake

My recent run of special celebrations is now complete.

On Saturday night I attended a small wedding reception next to the banks of the river Severn.  The seating plan was rather unique.  Photos of all the guests were pegged up around the outside courtyard where everyone was gathered for pre dinner champagne.  On the reverse of the photo was the number of the table that the guest was sitting at.  On arrival at the table the name cards were little gingerbread men and women with individually piped names.

The evening was a lot of fun with an excellent live band rather than the usual disco.  As you can see from the photo, the wedding cake was rather unique too.  The doughnut on the top of the left plate had my name on it ;-)

PS: The photos for all the guests were found on the internet…

18 Comments CherryPie on Sep 19th 2011

18 Responses to “Four Birthdays and a Wedding”

  1. ivan says:

    With all those doughnuts about one is tempted to ask how the weight loss is going ;)

    • CherryPie says:

      I did only have the one ;-) I have staid the same weight for a little while, but on the positive side I haven’t gained either. I shall be making a concerted effort now all the parties etc have gone by.

  2. ....peter says:

    It was a very unique wedding Chérie…. i love it…. and the doughnut cakes….peter:)

  3. liz says:

    Amazing wedding cake!

    Scary about the photos on the internet when you think about it!

  4. What an original seating plan and cake! Great ideas.

  5. Oh KK is my favourite!
    Did you save me some? ;)

  6. Ellee says:

    How lovely to go to a wedding reception, and what a wonderful idea for place settings.
    I can see my name on that doughnut too!

  7. MTG says:

    Very naughty. Very naughty indeed, CP. ;)

  8. Ooh a Krispy Kreme wedding.. Yum!

    • CherryPie says:

      I do have to admit I had never heard of Krispy Kreme before the day.

      Now I think a trip to Birmingham is in order to check out the other varieties. But my diet… Oh dilemmas ;-)

  9. crash says:

    i am sooooo hungry now!!!!!