This ‘Luxury’ hen house is in the middle of the orchard, but the hens are not at home!

Luxury Accomodation

I wonder where they are…

Feeling at Home...

Surveying the Estate

26 Comments CherryPie on Mar 31st 2012

26 Responses to “The Hen House”

  1. Mama Zen says:

    Marvelous shots!

  2. JD says:

    perhaps they have gone to see Gregory peck…

    • CherryPie says:

      I think some of them, thought underneath the hen house was much more fun. In the same way that kids find the box the toy is in more interesting than the toy itself!!

      The bird in the third picture seems to be on a mission… Maybe looking for Gregory ;-)

      And the ‘please shut the door’ sign (in my recent post) was there to stop the hens wandering into the garden and causing mischief!

  3. Anyes says:

    They wanted to have a bit of fresh air ;-)

    Enjoy the week-end CherryPie

  4. We use to have laving hens.

  5. Frida says:

    Great shots :-) My father has hens and their eggs are so good.

  6. Mats says:

    Nice shots indeed, I love that old and a bit torn wood. Great series.

  7. CrashRyan says:

    very nice series …. these chickens have a nice luxury condo to live in !

  8. Claude says:

    Maybe the hens said, “That photo lady is coming our way. Let’s hide!” They have a lovely house. I like that ramp for them to come down.

    • CherryPie says:

      Now that you mention it, they did look a little fed up when I bobbed down and found their hiding place.

      They did have the last laugh though… I seem to have seized up over the winter months and now struggle to get back up from those low down photo shots that I love to do…

  9. Haha! Those hens really look in command – what a nice billet they have!

  10. Haha! Such nice living accommodations and they want to live in the basement!

  11. james higham says:

    As long as they’re happy before the slaughter. ;-)

  12. liz says:

    It’s a very big hen house; perhaps they feel more secure in the enclosed space under it!

  13. This hen house looks like a giant mouse hole! Ha!
    Who’s the architect?! Ha!

    By the way, have you been to a place in Cornwall called Mousehole?!
    It’s a lovely village. :)