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And… There’s always one!!!


10 Comments CherryPie on Aug 17th 2013

10 Responses to “Hercules”

  1. ubermouth says:


    I love statues. Such a wonderful art medium.

  2. I rather like the 2nd photo. Very much so, actually. Much more atmosphere and more thought=provoking than the first one.

    And anyway… are we all meant to stop everything and wait while you fiddle with your camera? Oh? We are… Okay then. I’ll let everybody know.

    • CherryPie says:

      The second photo was actually the first photo in the sequence ;-)

      I had to be patient whilst he walked on oblivious, not noticing that I wasn’t following him ;-)

      On a different note, I am always expected to move out of the way when he is fiddling with his camera!!! At least I think I am…

      Now I am confused… ;-)

      • He was trying to help you with his innate sense of creativity. He thougt you would understand. Clearly you didn’t. He does not need to change his ways, but he does need to explain them better to you.

  3. james higham says:

    Looking at that cloud in that pretty pic, it reminds me of the Cloudflare problems just now.