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Over breakfast we decided that we would venture across the border into Scotland to visit Traquair House which had been recommended to us by the guests we had been chatting with in the lounge the previous evening. As we left the breakfast room Toby then Leona followed us out into the porch.  They had mentioned when we first arrived that one evening a lot of guests from a television company would be staying one of the nights.  What they had come to tell us was the Roy (Chubby) Brown was staying that night and they hadn’t realised.  They told us to expect some noise in the residents lounge, which was next to our bedroom as sandwiches were being laid on for the television crew after recording his show that evening.

After this surprising bit of information we set off on what was a wonderfully sunny morning towards Scotland, passing some very beautiful scenery as we drove along.  Traquair House was very interesting and there was a brilliant maze with a twist to the solution.  The tea room was exceptional.  The salad garnish that came with my sandwich was almost a meal in itself and leaf tea was served which is unusual these days.

Traquair House

During our drive back to the Coach House we detoured via Melrose Abbey.  I had been once before, many years ago so I had forgotten how impressive it is.  There was scaffolding on one side of the Abbey causing me to be creative with my photography.  When we arrived back at the Coach House later than usual we were advised by Leona that dinner was to be fifteen minutes early because Chubby Brown had given them tickets for his show in Berwick.

Melrose Abbey

Dinner was even quieter than the previous day, there was only one other couple dining in.  Later, after dinner, we carried on chatting in the residents lounge as usual.  As the couple we were chatting to left, Tony and Leona arrived and sat with us.  We sat up ‘very’ late chatting whilst Roy Brown and the TV crew enjoyed their sandwiches at the other end of the room.

15 Comments CherryPie on Sep 25th 2013

15 Responses to “Newcastle & Crookham – Day Eight”

  1. rusty duck says:

    Traquair House looks stunning!

  2. CrashRyan says:

    beautiful arches !!!!

  3. Denise says:

    Noted! future biking tootle!

  4. Ayush says:

    despite the ruins, the structure looks robust in some ways

  5. Lisl says:

    You show so many interesting places, Cherie – this is one I would very much like to see

  6. james higham says:

    Dangerous experience venturing into Scotland. There are Picts and Scots there.

  7. J_on_tour says:

    You beat me to Traquair, it’s been on my list for a good few months as a day out. On the days I was available, mainly June & July, it was always overcast compared to other options I had in mind elsewhere. It’s now at the top of my list for next year.

    • CherryPie says:

      It was a fascinating place, the video that is on display is worth watching to give a bit more insight and background to the house. Be sure to do the maze, it is fun for it being different than any other maze I have been in and you can also get some good shots of the maze including angles with the house in the background.