Greenwich Park hosts the Prime Meridian Line and Royal Observatory as well as being part of the Greenwich Maritime World Heritage Site which is home to The National Maritime Museum and Old Royal Naval College.

The oldest enclosed Royal Park, Greenwich dates back to 1427 and offers spectacular views across the River Thames to St Paul’s Cathedral and beyond.


There has been a settlement on this site since Roman times, but Greenwich has always been strongly associated with royalty. Since the land was inherited by Henry V’s brother, generations of monarchs have taken this magnificent park to their hearts.

There is a large grassland enclosure, covering almost 13 acres which serves as a sanctuary for deer, foxes and birds.



19 Comments CherryPie on Sep 8th 2014

19 Responses to “A Walk in the Park”

  1. I’ve only been to Greenwich once and that was when I was at school. Thanks for the memory.

  2. ....peter:) says:

    it’s wonderful to have green space in large cities Cherie… people could take a bus there who would otherwise never get to see such open spaces… the monarchs did well here since 1472….peter:)

  3. He he… I see this every day! ;)
    Autumn is the best time.

    We just had this Tall Ships Festival here this weekend.
    It was really good!

  4. Ayush says:

    i quite like the third shot. shows off a great deal.

    • CherryPie says:

      Thanks Ayush :-) I am quite pleased with that one, although there is more forground it seems to show off the buildings in the distance in equal measure. Confusing the eye on what to linger on most…

  5. james higham says:

    You certainly capture it, Cherie, you really do.

  6. What a truly amazing spot to watch time…

  7. Alan says:

    I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing the College other than from passing by on one of the Thames Clippers. I’d love to see it in my more detail.

  8. ubermouth says:

    That looks like a huge park!

  9. J_on_tour says:

    The composition of the second photo is great depicting architectural and commercial changes through the generations.