A Room with a View

Yesterday evening we returned home from our recent travels to the city of Leuven in Belgium. We had a room with a view and a cosy fire. The week was nice and (mostly) relaxing and now I am working my way through over 800 photographs. This has been hampered with my computer playing up by initially freezing up and deciding not to copy the photos across from the memory card. This meant that I had to go through a convoluted route to get them onto my computer.

After my computer froze it stopped recognising any memory card inserted into the drive. Trying to fix the problem resulted in my computer not recognising my iPhone as a data drive. The latter has been fixed but I have given up on the data card drive problem for now. In addition to these problems, my monitor had been playing up for a few weeks and finally decided to pack up a few days before we went away and I have been looking at the best option for a new one.

A Cosy Room

Now I can get back to working my way through my photographs…

And to finish I would like to wish the men in my life a (belated) Happy Father’s Day :-)

A Toast

6 Comments CherryPie on Jun 22nd 2015

6 Responses to “A Room with a View”

  1. lisl says:

    Computer problems always look very large – hope you get completely sorted soon, Cherie

    • CherryPie says:

      It is just the memory card reading that I need to sort out now. I think I can call a help line to the people who I purchased my PC from. I will check that out in the next couple of days.

  2. james higham says:

    May you overcome all.

  3. Computer virus?
    Oops, what have you been looking at online. ;)