Leuven Botanical Garden

Leuven is the home to Belgium’s oldest botanical garden.

In 1738 the University created this botanical garden for students of Medicine. Now the garden is used for scientific research as well as being a green oasis in the centre of the city for locals and visitors alike.

You will find an amazing collection of trees and shrubs in the 2.2 hectare garden. In addition to the collection of herbs, water and tub plants the 450 msq.m. greenhouse complex showcases the diversity of tropical and subtropical plants.

Leuven Botanical Garden

Leuven Botanical Garden

Leuven Botanical Garden

I will follow up this general view of the garden with posts of specific areas of the garden.

Leuven Botanical Garden

8 Comments CherryPie on Aug 12th 2015

8 Responses to “The Botanical Garden – Leuven”

  1. Sigrun says:

    Beautiful, Cherrie. I always wonder how they cut the grass so exactly.


  2. lisl says:

    I admire the stripes on the lawns, Cherie

  3. Beautiful! And just look at those neat stripes – they must have cut the lawn especially for you, Cherrie!

  4. Petra says:

    Obviously it’s a lovely garden and the lawn… I just can’t catch breath and stop admiring it! :)