The Orangery

The Orangery

The Orangery

The Orangery

12 Comments CherryPie on Jun 2nd 2017

12 Responses to “Montacute House – The Orangary”

  1. Sigrun says:

    Dear CherryPie, thank you so for this impressions, do you have some more from the gardens?
    We were there two weeks ago and could not go in. It was so heavy rain and hail, that we drive home to our INN.


  2. James Higham says:

    Oh yes indeed.

  3. The geraniums are so bright and colourful!

  4. Ayush says:

    i love the flowers, CP. very well shot.

  5. Astrid says:

    Fabulous pictures again and you visited some great places. Love that insect hotel and the border with tulips. I thing the national trust is doing a wonderful think to maintain and keep all the heritage available for the next generation. (I do know that dog owners are not happy though, for they cannot enter the properties with a dog….)

    • CherryPie says:

      National trust properties with large estates often allow dogs in the grounds but not in the houses. Our local Attingham Park allows dogs on and off their leads apart from the part of the grounds where the deer park is. There the have to be kept on a lead for obvious reasons.

  6. Nikki-ann says:

    This looks like a lovely place :)