Blessed John Wall

Saint John Wall, O.F.M., (1620 – 22 August 1679) was an English Catholic Franciscan friar, who is honored as a martyr.

He was born in PrestonLancashire. When of age, he entered the English College, Douai (in modern-day northern France) in 1641, and was ordainedCatholic priest in 1645. He returned to his homeland for several years, saying Mass for the Catholics who stayed loyal to the papacy. He returned to Douai and there he entered the Order of Friars Minor, taking the name Friar Joachim of St. Ann. He was soon named Master of novices, serving in that office until 1656, when he returned to England, settling in Worcestershire. There he became a Governor (Six Master) of the Royal Grammar School Worcester.

In 1678, after 22 years of ministry to the Catholics of the nation, he was apprehended under suspicion of being a party to the Titus Oates plot and sent to the Worcester jail. His trial was on 25 April. After being sent to London he was brought back to Worcester and executed for being a Catholic priest and exercising as such.[1]

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  1. Douai in France sounds like a nice place to visit!

  2. james higham says:

    Ah, a certain Amfortas influence here, no?

    • Amfortas says:

      M’thinks CherryPie is a good influence on me. She has a better knowledge of English Saints, priests, courageous and blesseds than I do. I shall have to make her ’special counsel’ to the Tavern at this rate.

    • CherryPie says:

      James, it was a visit to Coughton court following shortly after by a visit to the Tower of London that inspired me to learn more especially after reading The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest.

  3. Astrid says:

    Wonderful stained glass. I wished I had 4 life-times… I would not mind being in a trade that designs and makes and restores stained glass….