A Room With a View

I have now successfully completed my 50 day walking challenge where I aimed to walk at least 10,000 per day. There were only two days when I couldn’t achieve this. I had factored those days in and had steps in the bank to cover the shortfall. The two days were when I was travelling down south for a family gathering before we embarked on our travels in Chichester for a week.

Our Chichester room at 4 Canon Lane had a garden view. The room was a lovely place to relax after a days exploring.

View from the Room

I am currently working my way through my photographs and will be sharing my adventures with you soon.

14 Comments CherryPie on Jul 3rd 2018

14 Responses to “A Room With a View”

  1. Congrad on your 10,000 steps. Sure a nice place but I wouldn’t want to pay the taxes on it.
    Coffee is on

  2. Alan says:

    Well done on completing your challenge! No reason to stop, though. I’m starting to take a more laid back approach it certainly whilst the “poor” weather continues. I’ve often wondered what it was like at Canon Lane so I’m looking forward to the series.

    • CherryPie says:

      Now I don’t have to reach 10000 steps per I day I feel more inclined to do so. How odd is that?

      The stay at No 4 Canon Lane was relaxing and I loved walking in the Bishop’s Palace Gardens through the archway beyond the B&B.

  3. Ginnie says:

    Welcome back, Cherry. I always enjoy reading about your trips and seeing where you’ve been. Sometimes we actually follow in your footsteps, as you know. :)

    BTW, does the step tracker also count exercise-bike revolutions????

    • CherryPie says:

      I wasn’t inspired by Chichester itself but some of the places I visited whilst we were there were inspiring.

      My tracker doesn’t record exercise, although I can record the activity manually. The later versions do track various exercises automatically, including cycling. I have been looking into upgrading so that my cycle rides are counted :-)

  4. Hels says:

    I realise that not everyone can afford a free-standing house, surrounded by garden space. Nor do single people and couples need as much space as larger families. But having windows open onto greenery, sunshine and some private outdoor space IS essential for the human spirit. A verandah with flower pots and vines should be mandatory for every home.

    • CherryPie says:

      Looking out onto greenery or open water is always uplifting to my spirit. I am lucky to have a nice green space to look out on from my house :-)

  5. The Yum List says:

    That sure is a beautiful room with a view and view from the room. :-)

  6. Happy walking! :)
    I did a really long countryside walk in Wales last October.
    Some 60-mile long :)