Garlic Chicken with Lemon Tossed Leaves

Today saw the temperature in my part of the world soar to a hot and humid mid 80s (F).  I was supposed to be doing last minute preparations for when the decorator arrives to refresh two of our rooms. The two rooms he chose to do first (from our list) are the the two most difficult rooms together to be able to relocate furniture, mostly bookcases from.

We managed the jigsaw operation over the weekend, but due to the heat the few remaining things left to do will be done tomorrow instead. It was far too hot to think let alone move boxes and furniture about.

Fine Dining on the Patio

Evening saw the temperature returning to a pleasant heat, allowing us to enjoy fine dining on the patio; garlic chicken, rocket, spinach & tomato tossed in lemon and peppered potato wedges. The food was delicious, the sky was delightful and the air was cool and refreshing :-)

Patio Sky

10 Comments CherryPie on Jul 23rd 2018

10 Responses to “Fine Dining on the Patio”

  1. Alan says:

    You do it rather well. I especially like bottle of wine and the lovely sky.

  2. Astrid says:

    That looks like my kind of meal, Cherry…. aren’t you happy with your beautiful garden!! that was maybe the “best” thing you did ;)
    Enjoy and try to stay cool….

  3. ....peter says:

    a fine meal on a nice day outside with a good bottle of rosé to top it all off Cherie….peter:)

    thank you for all of your comments today….:)

  4. I know it’s so unbearably hot!
    Even hotter than Malaysia… Ha
    And it hasn’t rained for so long.