Lunch on the Patio

I have been busy walking during the past couple of days but I don’t have a single photo to share!

My first walk was a meet up with Linda, a fellow #Walk1000Miles walker to walk stage 4 part 1 of the T50 50 mile trail. Along the walk we had a random encounter with Naomi Wrighton, one of the people that helped devise the trail. I walked to the start of the walk and back home after the walk and was surprised to find that had clocked up just under 9 miles. A first for me ;-)

My second walk was today with my hubby. Taking advantage of the sunny weather we had a leisurely drive followed by a walk around Stow on the Wold. We had an even more leisurely afternoon cake and cup of tea. After waiting over 30 minutes our order had not arrived. we learned that the couple who were sitting next to us had been waiting 50 minutes! Mr C got up to find out where our order was and the couple next to us left. Apparently, although our order had been taken it had not been placed with the kitchen!!!

We left and found another tea shop where we were served within a few minutes. I enjoyed a slice of apple and blackberry cake accompanied by elderflower presse.

As there are no photos of my walking adventures I will leave you with a photo from earlier in the week when I was enjoying lunch on the patio.

10 Comments CherryPie on Sep 22nd 2019

10 Responses to “Walking with Friends”

  1. The Yum List says:

    Walking outdoors is one of my favourite activities. Unfortunately, I can’t do that here with the dreadful haze.

  2. Gotta love crisps with a sandwich!

    I’m glad you enjoyed your walks.

  3. Bernard (still resting) says:

    When I joined our local U3A they said “What are your interests?” I told them Organ Grinding and walking. Good they said. You can lead one of our walking groups!
    So I am now the convenor of the Bus ‘n Walk group. We bus it somewhere local and then talk and walk. Of course, it’s all free with our bus passes.
    I’m baffled to see crisps on your plate Cherie. Are they the lo-calorie, lo-salt variety by any chance?? ;-) ;-O

  4. Ayush says:

    something must have systematically broken down for those long delays that you mentioned, CP. i like your “replacement” shot :P

    • CherryPie says:

      I think the delays were due to the dizzy girl who took our order, she was a space cadet ;-) It worked out best for me in the end the cake I had was Yum although Mr C was hoping for a Chocolate Eclair which was not on offer in our second venue.

      No delays were involved with my patio fare which I picked up from the local supermarket :-)

  5. lowcarbdiabeticJan says:

    Always nice to enjoy lunch on the patio … and walking is a good thing to do :)

    All the best Jan