Corso Umberto

We arrived at breakfast bright and early I opted for the Sicilian breakfast option of Granita and Brioche which I found refreshing. Suitably replete we walked to the bus station to catch a bus to Giordanno-Naxos. When we arrived in Giordanno-Naxos I suggested to Mr C that we checked the location of our return pick up point for the bus. He rushed off ahead across a busy road leaving me to catch up whilst I chose the safer walking option via zebra Crossings. I caught up just as he identified the bus office. When I caught up with him he pointed out the bus office to me.


We then started to walk along the bay in glorious 75f sunshine stopping off for a cappuccino along the way. As we walked along, in places the sea was crashing over the road.

Giordanno-Naxos Harbour

We continued our walk along the bay eventually arriving in the harbour where we found a lovely restaurant called ‘La Lanterna’; it provided pizzas at lunch time.

La Lanterna

We ordered a four seasons pizza; ham, egg, fennel and tomato, to share, it was delicious. We accompanied this with a glass of wine for me and a beer for Mr C. The sea view from the restaurant was spectacular. We lingered over our drinks as we were mesmerised by the breaking waves.

Naxos Taormina Archaeological Park

We retraced our steps along the bay and visited the archaeological park that we had noticed earlier. The museum was excellent and the park extensive, the latter we were not able to explore fully due because of the mid afternoon heat. Afterwards we visited a nearby cafe for a refreshing, hydrating drink before making our way to the nearest bus stop; the opposite end of the bay to where we arrived earlier in the day. We noticed that the buses stopped here less frequently so we walked along the bay towards the main bus stop, passing many bus stops along the way noticing the arrival time increments at each bus stop. The bus should have been behind us as we walked but in reality there was not a bus in sight!

Mr C decided to deviate from this route and back to the road where the bus had dropped us off. Back at that road happy that he knew where he was, we returned to the bus route past the bus office, which was not a the stop after all. As we turned the corner towards the bay we saw two buses at the bus stop, both about to leave. We had missed them!

The next bus was due in 30 minutes. We waited, and waited, and waited a bit longer, by this time two buses were overdue. A bus turned up 15 minutes later than the first bus was scheduled to arrive. The bus was full with very few seats left, we ended up on two seats near the back of the bus. Unfortunately they were in the reclined position and the lever was broken causing a problem for the couple that sat behind us.

Eventually back in Taormina, we purchased some bottled water; we had become dehydrated again. As we walked back along Corso Umberto, I visited a shop that Mr C had pointed out to me earlier in the week; a shop selling Italian leather bags where a particular range had caught my eye. I had a particular colour in mind and Mr C helped me find just the right bag. I tried the bag for size and shape, it was perfect. As I made my purchase I was told that there was a 30% discount off the ticket price and that the bag had been hand painted meaning that all the designs were unique.

Back at the hotel we had to rush to get refreshed for dinner at 7.30 rather than the more normal time 8.00. It was our last night and Mr C had his eye on packing before we went to bed.

San Nicolo Cathedral

We dined in ‘La Lanterna’, although the same name not the same restaurant where we had lunch. We were greeted with a complimentary glass of prosecco to enjoy whilst we considered our menu choices. The restaurant was in a lovely setting but sadly we were the only couple dining there until we had almost finished our meal. The food was delicious and the dessert was served with a complimentary liqueur. The host was attentive but for some reason only topped up Mr C’s glass with wine. This was quite blatant at the end of the meal when, my glass empty, the remainder of the wine was poured into Mr C’s glass!

Hotel Excelsior Palace Terrace

Back at the hotel we sat on the terrace to enjoy the view for one last time. There was a bit of confusion when my drink arrived… Mr C had gone to the bar to order drinks and had not returned before the drinks arrived. I had requested a glass of wine and was surprised when the waiter delivered a glass of prosecco, leading both me and the waiter to be confused. It transpired that Mr C had ordered me a prosecco to make up for the wine experience in the restaurant.

Hotel Excelsior Palace

After a while another couple arrived. They ordered cocktails and were served with a smile and complimentary nibbles. A few minutes later the cushions were being removed from unoccupied chairs. I noticed the porter flicked his eyes to the seat next to me, where I had placed my handbag and camera and by sleight of hand the cushion next to Mr C was removed. How rude!

The other couple were left with their row of cushions intact, leaving us with the uncomfortable feeling that we were not welcome. The bartender was on a day off so once again we were attended to by the pool bartender. We were sorry to miss the usual bartender and not have the opportunity to thank him for his hospitality, informative conversations and advice.

Back in the room, after packing my case I peeped out of the window towards the hotel terrace. The other couple had left but their row of cushions was still in place with their empty drink glasses were still on the table…

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12 Responses to “Taormina – Day Eleven”

  1. Ayush says:

    another fine post, CP. i like the shots from around the bay and the one with your lunch.

  2. lisl says:

    A day of contrasts, Cherie. It seems you had mixed treatment from waiters during this holiday

  3. Astrid says:

    Wonderful pictures from your adventures, Cherry. You visit a great location again. And the stories you can tell afterwards….. Happy belated birthday too, I hope you had a nice day.

  4. The harbour is just lovely. The buses sound a bit of a pain though :( Lovely photos.

  5. The Yum List says:

    I would love to visit Sicily. Was hoping to see a pic of your brekkie.

  6. shabana says:

    wonderful sharing Cheri
    Pizza looks tempting ,i am sorry for bus problem you faced and specially the afternoon heat which affected the walk

    i believe that while visiting another part of land ,local transport is great source to learn and enjoy the culture of inhabitants

    i am sorry again that you felt uncomfortable with the replacement of new bartender who seemed rude and careless with their customers