Seen on a brief walk

I have not felt safe stepping out on my frequent walks from my doorstep due to an excessive number of walkers at the front an back of my garden, disregarding the current virus related distancing rules Few people walked before those paths before…

So I was happy today when he sun did not put its hat on and it was rather cool outside. As predicted the Boris walkers that had made me reluctant to go on my local walks were nowhere to be seen!
I had to wait and pause on a couple of occasions during my walk to allow ’safe distancing’. I took the opportunity to take a couple of photographs with my phone camera along the way.
It was great to be able to go for a lovely afternoon walk as I did in the good old days (a couple of weeks ago).
When I arrived at one of the pools that I frequent there was a noticeable absence of ducks and geese, only a few were present. It was almost as if they knew there was a problem going on in the world…

Seen on a brief walk

Seen on a brief walk

4 Comments CherryPie on Apr 2nd 2020

4 Responses to “The Pool Revisited”

  1. Amazing how some disregarding the social distancing. Wish you all to stay safe

    • CherryPie says:

      It is terrible, especially so in the supermarkets. All the correct measures for ’safe distancing’ have been put in place but people are ignoring the advice when they walk around the shop.

      On my last visit as I was scanning the shelf to pick up an item someone came and stood behind me (next to me). I moved away to give the social distancing space thinking he would pick up what he wanted and move on. But no he planted his basket in the middle of the isle and squatted down scanning the shelves, blocking the isle from both directions.

  2. Do you use this site to check your local updates?

    My area has already got 318 cases!

    • CherryPie says:

      I follow my local news.

      London has peaked earlier than the rest of England. Shropshire is on the verge of peak multiplication of the virus. If more people stopped at home, that would contain and reduce the peak flattening the curve.

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