Autumn Colours

We had left plans for my ’significant birthday’ celebration until the last minute. It was looking good to go for a Staycation so we booked into a hotel in Sherbourne, Dorset. Just after the booking was made lockdown tiers were announced.  A few days before the planned mini adventure Chez Nous was moved into tier two. We phoned the hotel to check whether we could still visit and they confirmed that we could.

This led us to feeling confident enough to book restaurant venues during our stay. The next day there were rumblings of a full lockdown being imminent and sure enough a full lockdown was announced starting on November the 5th, the day of my birthday. I smiled at the irony of the start date of our second lockdown, November 5th being the anniversary of the date that the gunpowder plotters planned to blow up Parliament.

With our trip cancelled last minute birthday plans had to be made. Mr C booked an extra day off so that he could arrange some ’seasonal secrets’ that wouldn’t have been necessary if we had been away and also to enjoy some mini (Covid Safe) adventures before full lockdown came into force. In the morning he went out to sort out some shopping and various other things leaving me at home. I have to confess it was rather nice to have the house to myself for the first time since March. I am sure he would feel the same but he is usually working when I leave the house.

He was gone longer than expected because of difficulties and delays in the shops. Eventually he arrived home, although too late to have lunch out as planned. Instead we had a delicious bacon butty before heading off to Bodenham Arboretum for the afternoon.

Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours

Woodland Walk

Tree Faces

Long Shadows

Autumn Colours

Sunny Delights

Stepping OUt

A Bench With a View


Pumpkin Mountain

We were treated to delightful autumn sunshine as we drove to the arboretum and as we walked around the arboretum the sun highlighted the beauty of the autumn leaves. I had to tread carefully in some places where the ground was muddy. The soles of my shoes were not quite up to clinging to the wet mud but I managed to stay upright. Later we enjoyed fine dining at home.

A good start to ‘plan C’ birthday celebrations.

6 Comments CherryPie on Nov 11th 2020

6 Responses to “Lockdown Birthday Celebrations – Day One”

  1. shabana says:

    Happy birthday to you dear Cheri :)

    i am sorry for the interruption to your celebration plan due to lockdown ,still i can see how fortunate you were to have such glorious day out and and each other’s loving company :)
    i hope lockdown lifts once weather is on the verge of change
    more blessings to your lovely world!
    loved each image ,what an enchanting beauty of fall :)

  2. A belated Happy Birthday.

    I am so sorry to hear of the cancellation of your birthday plans though. Such difficult times we live in. But it looks as though you managed to celebrate locally. I hope you had some lovely gifts.

  3. The Yum List says:

    Oh my, the trees are starting to turn. Gorgeous.