… taking in Apley Woods and the Silkin way

Feeling Chilly near Apley Woods

Apley Plunge Pool

Followed later by ‘Fine Dining’ at Chez Nous.

Creamy Vegatable Passanda

8 Comments CherryPie on Jan 6th 2021

8 Responses to “A Chilly Afternoon Walk…”

  1. I don’t like chilly weather, scarves or parkas, but the more walking we do during the lockdowns, the fitter we will all be.

    Hope your new year is a healthy one.

    • CherryPie says:

      I quite like a chilly weather walk. I am wearing a fleece with a rainproof coat over the top. This particular combination zips together making me toasty and cosy :-)

  2. That meal looks so delicious and perfect to eat after a walk out in the cold.

  3. Ayush says:

    it is good that you are well wrapped, CP. i have to admit if i had a walk in such surroundings, i would have a really big appetite later!:)

  4. shabana says:

    walk when sun is cherishing views looks beautiful
    oh you too look lovely :)
    food is healthy too

  5. CherryPie says:

    Thank you :-)

    My hair is getting a bit wild again due to lockdown.