A Room with a View

Holiday diaries of my recent mini break in Windsor are coming soon. Watch this space…

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8 Comments CherryPie on Oct 13th 2022

8 Responses to “A Room With a View”

  1. Hels says:

    When hotel owners are looking for a site to locate their newest building, they must walk up and down the city before finding the very best spot to impress the guests. Mind you, that is not such a problem in Windsor. The town is a pleasure.

  2. I look forward to seeing more photos. Windsor from your past photos looks lovely.

  3. Barwitzki says:

    That looks cozy :-) )
    many greetings to you.
    I wish you a happy sunday. Viola

  4. Cherrie says:

    Hello, I’ve only just found your blog and fell in love with it, you have such a way with your words, life is beautiful like this, those small things you start to appreciate here and there. Take care.