The Guild Hall

After breakfast we walked down Steep Hill in order to join the 10.30 guided tour of Lincoln’s Stonebow and Guild Hall which has been the meeting place of the City Council since Medieval times. We arrived early so we spent a few minutes in Waterstones where I perused the board game section.

When it was time to join the tour, we returned to the Guild Hall where a few minutes later we were greeted by Richard, who, because as we were the only two, treated Mr C and I to a personal guided tour.

The tour and talk covered the council chambers, the history of Lincoln, the Mayors and Sheriffs of Lincoln and the basement where all the city’s ceremonial regalia and other treasures are stored. We learned about ceremonial swords versus swords used in combat and the orientation of the markings on the hilt.

One of the swords in the collection is the actual sword used by King Henry VIII (Henry Tudor) at the Battle of Stoke Field in 1487. He presented it to the city in an attempt to secure the loyalty of Lincoln’s aldermen and with them the city.

The mace in the collection is from the time of Charles I and is unusual because it is unaltered. Most such maces had their Royal markings removed by Cromwell’s government during the period of Commonwealth.

In this room we were also shown various charters and seals presented to Lincoln by different monarchs over the years. This almost made up for the missing magna carta.

Freedom Parade

As we walked round the building, we noticed a photograph of a more recent Royal visit which also pictured Richard in his ceremonial hat. We recognised seeing him it the day before as part of the Freedom Parade.

The tour was excellent, I would recommend it to anyone interested in history.

St Mary's Conduit

After the tour we returned to Waterstones to finish browsing the board game section before visiting another local independent board game shop. We were specifically looking for games that accommodate 6 players or more but these are few and far between. We left empty handed but by now Mr C was on a mission and there was just one more board game shop in Lincoln. This turned out to be further away than he thought and when we arrived it turned out to stock mostly miniature figures for war and fantasy games rather than board games. Our route to the shop took us past the 16th century St Mary’s conduit which supplied drinking water to Lincoln until 1906.

Fresh Fruit Delight

The owner chatted to us and it turned out he was originally from Walsall and we started reminiscing how that area including Birmingham had changed over the years. When we had finished chatting it was time for lunch. Suitable lunch options were a bit sparse in the lower town so we returned to Madame Waffle before embarking on the walk ‘up’ Steep Hill.

Mr C stopped to enjoy the model shop and I continued walking up the hill. I paused at the bottom of the steepest part of the hill and a passing lady stopped to ask me if I was alright. I was, but how lovely of her to stop and ask.

John Dawber Garden

Back in the cultural quarter we visited the Museum of Lincolnshire Life where I was captivated by the same displays, I enjoyed on my previous visit in 2016. We then sought out a nearby secret garden, the John Dawber Garden, which on arrival we realised we had visited before when we stayed in the adjacent Charlotte Hotel.

View from The Lion & Snake

We made our way back to Cathedral View stopping for drink at the Lion and Snake on the way. The weather was lovely so we were able to enjoy it sitting outside in the sunshine. Back at the B&B I was challenged to another game of 7 Wonders Duel and just to be consistent I lost again…

Thailand No. 1

We dined in Thailand No. 1. We found it to have a warm and vibrant atmosphere and delicious food. We returned to the Lion and Snake (next door) for a night cap before returning our billet for the evening.

8 Comments CherryPie on Jun 16th 2024

8 Responses to “Lincoln (revisited) – Day Three”

  1. Ayush says:

    a very nice post, i enjoyed your walk and your meals, the waffle looks good. Thai food is also appealing to me. i really like the wall of the Jon Dawber garden.

    • CherryPie says:

      I would visit Lincoln again just to sample other food from the Thai restaurant.

      In my head I have a date with Lincoln Cathedral for the Easter service in 2025.

  2. Hels says:

    I thought Stonebow was so heavy and castle-like, it might make the interior a bit stern for tourists to wander through. But the council event rooms were very interesting, as were the swords, regalia, artefacts and Royal Charters.

  3. Oh I love Thai food so much!
    It’s rather common in my home country, Malaysia.
    You have to try their mango sticky rice.

  4. Sean says:

    Thank you for visiting Lincoln for me. Fascinating place!

    • CherryPie says:

      I am glad you enjoyed the virtual trip :-)

      Lincoln is one of the places I have visited that feels like home to me. When I get that feeling I never tire of visiting the place.

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